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Customer Testimonial-Territory Range

When working on the farm, it can pay dividends to ensure that you’re completely dry, comfortable and warm as the rain lashes down and the winds howl.

To give you the best chance of standing up to New Zealand’s harsh weather conditions, you’ll need the highest quality wet-weather gear that money can buy. With dozens of different ranges on the market, it can be difficult to know exactly where you should look for gear that is going to stand up to your needs.

So who better to share their opinion then the typical NZ farmer himself?

Michael Simpson is a herd manager so he knows a thing or 2 about what defines premium wet-weather gear. Spending his hours tending to the farm, Michael has experienced the worst the Bay of Plenty weather can throw at him. Michael has been wearing Line 7 Terrain’s Territory range over the winter season so there aren’t many better placed to give a fair judgment of the product – as you know, the typical New Zealand farmer doesn’t beat around the bush!”

A voice you can trust

Michael had plenty to say about Line 7 Terrain’s Territory range.

One of the primary purposes of Territory is to keep its wearer warm and dry while standing up to some rough and tumble – if it can’t perform these key duties, you may as well wear nothing at all. Therefore, Territory is designed with abrasions resistance and both water and windproofing in mind, and on this level, it doesn’t disappoint.

As autumn has turned to winter over the past few months, New Zealand has seen some heavy rain, and Michael Bay of Plenty farm was not spared – but the heavy rain was no match for his Territory gear.

“I’ve been out in the worst of the North Island’s weather, but I didn’t get wet at all,” he said.

Michael also praised the Territory jacket’s windproofing capabilities, with not a breath penetrating the three-layer system. He particularly liked the large flap which fastens across the face, giving rise to a collar that puts a stop to any chilly winds infiltrating the neck area.

Warm, dry, and comfortable

Of course, keeping the wearer dry is only a portion of Territory’s tasks as New Zealand can get very cold during the winter, but Michael was snug as he went about his daily duties on the farm.

“It really traps the heat in there well. During some of the early mornings and late nights, it can get bitingly cold, but under Territory, I barely noticed – it was like sitting by a warm fire.”

Sometimes, wearing warm clothing can cause the wearer to sweat, owing to poor breathability. There’s no point in a jacket keeping you dry on the outside if you’re going to soak it underneath, so Territory’s designers went to great lengths to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

“It kept me warm but I didn’t have to take it off to dry off – I never broke out in a sweat, even when working my hardest,” said Michael.

What’s more, the jacket allowed him to go about each of his duties without weighing him down but at the same time it’s not so light that it’s liable to tear or wear down quickly.

“It wasn’t too heavy. It’s not too light either,” said Michael. “Over the course of the day, the weight doesn’t become too much, and it’s very durable, too. The gear hasn’t ripped at all, no holes – solid as a rock.”

Michael was so impressed with the Territory range that he’d recommend it to his farming colleagues.

“I already have done to someone on our patch. We often get asked what’s the best gear, and Line 7 is always the one we say.”

There you have it – straight from the farmer’s mouth!