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How can Line 7 Terrain help out the New Zealand farmer as winter approaches?

The greying skies, crunch of leaves underfoot and howling winds whistling in from all sides can mean only one thing – winter is well and truly on its way and it's the hardy New Zealand farmer who bears much of its brunt. 

Working day and night to ensure that the wheels of one of New Zealand's biggest industries continue to run smoothly, our farmers go about their work whatever the weather – but Line 7 Terrain can lend them a helping hand. First of all, though, what conditions can these guys expect to face, and where?


The period between June and August are the prime months for snow to make an appearance in our country, and it's farmers working in the mountains who are most likely to endure the white peril. The North Island's Central Plateau is always affected, which makes sense, as it's highly popular for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

The peaks and bases of the Southern Alps are also sure to undertake a dusting of the white stuff, with the populous regions of Canterbury and Otago also at risk of heavy snow.  


New Zealand is famous for its temperamental rain, with either of its islands topsy-turvy to each other in this respect. The North Island, especially its upper half, is especially prone to heavy downpours in winter, whereas the South Island can remain relatively dry. As a whole, the nation undergoes around 600 and 1,600 mm of rainfall per year, according to the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research.

It's the rain of, course, which give New Zealand such a great agricultural heritage, but that doesn't mean our farmers want to be soaked to the skin each time they step outdoors!  

Tricks of the Terrain

At Line 7 Terrain, we know the benefits of dressing warmly for a winter climate, and we've designed our range of outdoors gear to reflect this. For example, our Territory garments are highly durable, crafted to cope with the most demanding conditions that face the New Zealand farmer on a daily basis. Not only is Territory tough, but it also makes use of an innovative layered system, that ensures that no wind or rain can ever get in. What's more, this all weather clothing is completely breathable, ensuring that you can carry out your tasks in the greatest of comfort.  

Creating quality farming clothing is the very cornerstone of Line 7 Terrain's philosophy, so take a look at our products – you're sure to find the perfect outdoors gear, come rain or shine!

The mountainous areas of New Zealand are at highest risk of snow during winter.