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Why is a quality jacket important for life on the farm?

If you've got a hard day's work in the elements ahead of you, the last thing you'll want is to get a soaking or feel the cold because your hole-ridden, ancient wet-weather gear isn't up to the task. As someone who appreciates that being warm, dry and comfortable is worth its weight in gold, you won't want to tackle your day-to-day duties at this time of year in jandals, stubbies and a singlet – the unpredictable Kiwi weather will make sure of that.

Whether you're way out fixing a fence at a sheep station in Southland, or out bringing in the cows in the Waikato, you never know when a hearty shower might hit. That old saying "If it's raining in New Zealand, hang out your washing" is no old wives' tale. Our country's weather changes its mind more often than you change your socks.

Rain, wind, snow and sleet, Line 7 Terrain's broad range of outdoor farming clothing is up to the job.

A farming jacket that's ready for anything

With this in mind, you'll want quality wet-weather gear that is up for a challenge. Rain, wind, snow or sleet, Line 7 Terrain's broad range of wet-weather gear is up to the job, no matter what the heavens decide to chuck at you. Torrential downpours of biblical proportions that would even get Noah worried? No worries!  You'll be dry underneath your Line 7 gear. Gales to trouble even the sturdiest of trees? You'll be thinking it's merely a whisper in your 100% windproof Line 7 gear.

Line 7 – All-weather jackets created with farmers in mind

Take a look at our huge range of wet-weather gear today-you'll be spoiled for choice. We have created a truck load of garments that have been purposed designed to suit the varied and demanding conditions in the agricultural sector. From our entry-level ranges for lightweight work around the farm through to our premium ranges for those who demand the best, we will have you covered.

Here at Line 7 we have over 50 years' experience in the all-weather clothing industry so who better to create the driest, warmest and most comfortable farm gear available on the market then us? The last five decades have provided us with a wealth of know-how and expertise that is constantly growing and evolving just like the farmers we fit out. Our garments offer the very latest in design and innovation so you can be confident that you'll stay warm, dry and comfortable when you need it the most. 

The weather of New Zealand is highly interchangeable, so you'll need a jacket that's versatile enough to cope with anything thrown at it.