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What new invention could revolutionise dairy farming?

Some of the finest minds around the world are constantly working on the next big invention that could improve our day-to-day lives. Indeed, it's hard to imagine a time without the smartphone, television or computer, as these particular devices are a big part of the way we live and work. The farming industry, too, is one that's constantly being analysed to see where improvements could be made, and a young veterinary student may just have come up up with the greatest idea since the tractor, if the Innovate 2015 invention contest is to be used as a benchmark.

Milk E-Zy has been designed specifically with dairy farming in mind.

The Milk E-Zy is the brainchild of Corey Regenerus, winning him both the People's Choice and the Entrepreneurs award at the competition, and it has been designed specifically with dairy farming in mind. But what exactly does the Milk E-Zy do?

E-Zy does it

Simply put, the Milk E-Zy is designed with the intention of increasing milk production – it's attached to milking cups, which are then set onto the udder in the normal fashion. The milk moves through the cups before being transferred directly to the vat, where it's chilled, ready for collection. It is hoped that Milk E-Zy will not only improve production, but also markedly cut down on the amount of time spent in the milking shed – for both farmers and cows.

"He's (Mr Regenerus) come up with a great niche product for a specific market.  He identified a problem and worked out a potential solution that will save time in the shed and will produce more milk. While he's at a very early stage of business development, we think he's on to something with Milk E-Zy," said the competition's judges.

Milk E-Zy could revolutionise dairy farming.
Milk E-Zy could revolutionise dairy farming.

The young inventor, who is a third-year bachelor of Veterinary Science student, won NZ$2,500 for his efforts, and over 100 ideas were submitted to the competition from across New Zealand.

Nice and E-Zy

"Any milk left behind causes a reduction in milking next time cows are in. This (Milk E-Zy) makes sure all the milk is out of the cow. And often high-producing cows can be high-producing at the expense of udder conformation, and the innovation Milk E-Zy could benefit them," said Mr Regenerus, further explaining his device.

Additionally, Milk E-Zy supports the udder and straightens out the teats. It's inventor estimates that it will cost around NZ$4,500-5,000, but will increase profits on an average New Zealand dairy farm by NZ$45,000 – a number which is sure to help the nation's dairy farmers through these times of low milk prices, and will be an excellent accompaniment to your dairy farming gear

The Milk E-Zy could change the face of dairy farming as we know it.