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Why are kids wearing Merino wool in school?

Down in the wilds of the Banks Peninsula, the winter can bring with it some pretty chilly weather, to put it mildly. Therefore, wrapping up warm each morning is an absolute necessity if those that live there want to go about their morning in the greatest of comfort.

It's understandable, then, that a sheep and beef farming couple were pretty dismayed when they discovered that the only jersey available to school children was made from polar fleece, which isn't always up to the job, especially in the sub-zero South Island winters.  

Too cool for school

Carl and Tori Uren are parents to four children, and as proud Kiwi farmers, have always dressed their offspring in Merino wool. However, when their eldest daughter started school, the couple found that there was no Merino option available. In the middle of the South Island, slap-bang in the middle of sheep country? Surely not…

After contacting at least 12 Canterbury schools, asking whether or not each establishment would like a Merino option, they were met with an encouraging response. The Kiwi farmer is renowned for spotting an opportunity, and the Urens set about creating a fully Merino wool jersey to be available for all South Island schools.

That was two years ago. Since them some 15 South Island schools now offer a Merino Wool For Schools option as part of the uniform. Not only are they warm, the Merino jerseys are also incredibly light, and they are only growing in popularity across the playground.

"Being a farmer I know about the attributes of wool and that it's a great product, natural and warm and clean and green rather than a plastic polar fleece," Mr Uren told NZ Farmer.

Line 7 Terrain has long championed the benefits of Merino wool, so much so that we have an entire range constructed from this fine wool. This type of farming clothing is breathable, soft and has the ability to regulate temperature – a real jack of all trades.

Merino wool is renowned for its warmth and quality.